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Photographer Juergen Feuerer


About Me

Background, Development, Philosophy


Born in Buehl (Baden) and grew up between the different landscapes of the Black Forest and Rhine Plain, you're probably already connected to nature from childhood on.

To the photography I came later by taking pictures on trips with the digital camera of a friend. While previously faced the photograph rather sceptical and distant as pure mental images, this way I discovered more and more how photography can reflect far more than memories with the right attention and can transport deeper expressions by angle, perspective and point of view.

In parallel, even the trips became more important, in the sense of “to be on the way” ("The way is the goal") and to foreground the discovery of the moment. As well it is a matter of me, to capture the beauty and diversity of nature and to communicate impressions that represent the uniqueness and diversity of creation and make appear worth preserving it. Only what you know and get your attention, one can deem valuable and worth protecting. Especially this matter became aware for me through countless encounters and intense impressions of versatile kind by an eight-month trip with my motorcycle from Germany to Kenya crossing 14 countries. This was at last the cause to give room to my creativity in a consequent way, now with the corresponding photographic equipment as well.

It is and will always be a challenge to be still closer to the significance of nature with the next shot, always to face the nature with new astonishment, understanding and open eyes. This is, for me anyway, right there at the most perfect way where one encounters something new for the first time, but also not restricted on this. For myself there is no fixed style or main focus inside the landscape and nature photography and it would probably be wrong to define such as a dogma; because even "Life is a journey" and so the photography is always subjected the flow and our own development, a journey of discovery to the own perceptions and perspectives.

If even a few people perceive Photography as an invitation for a closer look and as a medium to discover new things or to conceive known things in a new way, then would be achieved a lot, but Nature is the most precious thing we have.

See an Overview of my Themes under Portfolio.


About Me