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As is well known, pictures say more than words. However, where pictures were recently sufficient on Internet pages, the moving picture is increasingly finding its way to arouse the interest of visitors and customers. Be it in the form of a video to make additional information more detailed and informative or in the form of short clips, that run more in headers or in the background. Moving images become an eye catcher, leave a reminiscent impression and can often underline the uniqueness and message of your website even better than photos.


Foray through the Black Forest of Germany


Idyllic moments and time lapses


This video shows some highlights and striking points from the Northern Black Forest to the Southern Black Forest.

Mountain ranges and meadow valleys covered by forests, waterfalls, lakes as well as unwooded mountain tops shape the character and the scenic beauties of the low mountain range. In the nature parks of the southern and northern Black Forest you can also find special landscape features such as peat bogs, moorland and heathland. Sunrises and sunsets are a special experience in this landscape. The little paradises of the Black Forest can best be discovered by bike or hiking boots.



Camera, Cut and Idea by Fotograf und Videofilmer

© Jürgen Feuerer, Bühl, Germany, 2020 - Alle Rechte vorbehalten –

If you are interested in the video, excerpts or individual clips in different lengths and tailored to your wishes, please feel free to contact me.

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